Astronomers conduct first remote reconnaissance of another solar system

Astronomers conduct first remote reconnaissance of another solar system.

This image of the HR 8799 planets was taken with starlight optically suppressed and data processing conducted to remove residual starlight. The star is at the center of the blackened circle in the image. The four spots indicated with the letters b through e are the planets. This is a composite image using 30 wavelengths of light and was obtained over a period of 1.25 hours on June 14 and 15, 2012



I’d go so far as to liken the HR 8799 system to being the first long range sensor scan, albeit not as detailed as any given sci-fi would demand.

Somewhere, Gene Roddenberry is grinning ear to ear.


Hands-on with Corning’s bendable Willow Glass (exclusive) | CES 2013: Smartphones – CNET Blogs

Hands-on with Corning's bendable Willow Glass (exclusive) | CES 2013: Smartphones - CNET Blogs

Hands-on with Corning’s bendable Willow Glass (exclusive) | CES 2013: Smartphones – CNET Blogs.

I’m impressed with Willow Glass. Imagine the places you could see something like this. The article mentioned solar panels. Something like Willow Glass would make the average homeowner’s installation much easier. Just roll out, secure & done.

Or, on window shades. I could dig that. Close the blinds and have any visual image I please on it. A still image of a beautiful landscape. A moving fish tank application. That kind of use could be a real benefit for some people who could use the visual aid for mood stability.

Or perhaps fixed to the ceiling for aerial or astronomy. Now THAT I can dig, big-time! Cycle through Hubble images and simple sky view. I could definitely drift off to that. Others might find serenity in cloud types, or other atmospheric phenomena. Others might prefer flocks of birds, or planes, or even just the insinuation of looking up through trees blowing in the wind. It’s potential for a ceiling material is very much a good idea.

Another applicable use I thought of was on pillars or columns, such as at museums. Instead of flyers, this could take them place of them, and never need removed, but  simply updated for events.

It also occurred to me that this could be useful in classrooms. I realize there are similar products already available, but imagine this as a pull-down screen in class, or fixed to the wall as-is.

I’m looking forward to seeing Willow Glass on the market in the near future. I’d love to some day fall asleep watching the universe on shuffle.