This Pulsing Earth – Radiolab


This Pulsing Earth – Radiolab.


I stumbled on this Radiolab article showing the Earth through it’s seasons, and haven’t been able to stop watching it loop. It’s like watching the planet breathe in and out. It’s hypnotic. The pulse of life, the breath of life, the rhythm of the planet.


Astronomers conduct first remote reconnaissance of another solar system

Astronomers conduct first remote reconnaissance of another solar system.

This image of the HR 8799 planets was taken with starlight optically suppressed and data processing conducted to remove residual starlight. The star is at the center of the blackened circle in the image. The four spots indicated with the letters b through e are the planets. This is a composite image using 30 wavelengths of light and was obtained over a period of 1.25 hours on June 14 and 15, 2012



I’d go so far as to liken the HR 8799 system to being the first long range sensor scan, albeit not as detailed as any given sci-fi would demand.

Somewhere, Gene Roddenberry is grinning ear to ear.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish?

Thousands of Dolphins Spotted Near San Diego | NBC Bay Area.

Well here’s a rarity – – 100,000 dolphins off the California coast. That’s not a typo. One. Hundred. THOUSAND dolphins. Wrap your head around that a minute, and consider that pods generally stick to about 200 or less dolphins at the largest.

A marine mammal expert cited in the article linked attributes the enormous gathering to an abundance in food sources that may have attracted them to the area. That seems plausible, but large numbers of sea life congregating prior to natural events such as earthquakes have been known to happen. One such example being a sharp increase in squid caught just prior to the March 11, 2011 Japan earthquake. I’m certainly not saying this big party at sea is an indicator of impending events, but I am putting that out there as something to ponder.

Instead putting that theory on the front burner, let’s keep it on the back one and assume Flipper & his posse are simply having the mother of all block parties out there in a food-rich area.