Who Picks a Blog Name Like This??

I do, that’s who. I’m Melosia (but just call me Mel) It’s a handle, not my real name. And no, I’m not Hispanic, Latina, Spanish. Evidently ‘Melosia’ is a Spanish name that means ‘Sweet’, something I did not know when I thought I was coming up with a unique handle. Oh well. I tried.

Why would I call my blog ‘It’s Probably Boring to You’? Because that’s what runs through my head when I start out a conversation on a science or historical topic and so forth. It was either that, or I could have called it ‘I’m Probably The Only One Interested in This.’ It’s a sad reflection in the states of interest of those whom I talk to. It’s apparent that if it’s not Lindsay Lohan’s latest D.U.I, or having to do with Honey-fucking-boo-boo, that it’s of no significance. That’s where this little digital nook comes in.

I’m going to try to bring news stories and under-discussed topics to the table. I may want to write about ancient culture A., or I may want to share an article about a scientific finding, or a leap in technology. Or maybe I might want to suggest a site, or just rant & fume about something. Or maybe I might want to share something completely off-topic once in a while. I have a few ideas on tap as it is, so in the near future, I will be posting them.

A word of warning – – I’m not much of a writer. I ramble. And I do so when the mood strikes me. This doesn’t equal regularly posting, it basically means ‘whenever the hell Mel feels like it’. Therefore, until whenever I feel like next time is, ciao.


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